Success Story: Tilkee shares its rating experience

By Anais Masetti - 04 April 2019

Over the years, Early Metrics has had the chance to follow the growth of hundreds of innovative startups. Tilkee holds a special place in our community as it is not only part of our top 5% of all 2400 rated startups but it is also the first startup ever rated by Early Metrics.

Tilkee is a B2B sales enablement platform that allows businesses to analyse the reading behaviour of their prospects and clients when sending sales material. Leveraging cutting-edge technology such as AI, the platform provides insights to improve conversion rate and increase sales.

First rated in 2014, the Lyon-based startup has since been rated two times. The startup consistently showed signs of improvement in the quality of management, the innovativeness of its products and its market positioning. Indeed, it has grown from a duo of founders to a team of over 50 people. The young ventures has also expanded internationally, recently taking on the UK and German market.



Looking back on his rating experience, co-founder and CTO Timothée Saumet said he found the rating process “very quick and professional” and felt that the analyst really understood the business. He added: “Early Metrics presented us to a couple of corporates, which helped us generate contacts and leads.” Moreover, the founders were able to leverage their high growth potential score and rating certificate in their fundraising process which resulted in a successful Series A.

We are always glad to see promising young ventures fulfil their potential. Especially so in Tilkee’s case as it is a prime example of how our rating methodology can predict company growth. We wish the best of luck to all the Tilkee team in their European expansion. We also look forward to seeing what further innovation they will bring in the sales software and AI space.

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