Success Story: Helping Trayt form a cross-Atlantic partnership

By Anais Masetti - 13 June 2019

Early Metrics might be best known for its European presence, but we actually rate startups from all over the globe. One of the most remarkable overseas startups we have had the opportunity to rate is Trayt.


The Californian company provides data analytics tools to allow medical professionals to better diagnose and treat mental health disorders. The startup harnesses the power of big data to follow a patient’s progress as well as identify potential relationships between different disorders for comorbid treatment. It has also created an app for patients to continuously track their symptoms which can be used as a decision-making tool for doctors.


Watch Trayt’s founder and CEO, Malekeh Amini talk about her journey and rating experience:

Trayt was rated by Early Metrics in the context of a global partnership with a large European pharmaceutical group and received a very high growth potential score. This was primarily motivated by the diverse expertise and complementary skill sets of the founding team as well as by the market positioning of the startup. Indeed, their solution has a wide number of potential applications and therefore benefits from a strong market depth.


Regarding her rating experience, Amini said the assessment allowed them to identify their strengths and develop these further. She added: “It also highlighted some areas for us to really rethink our roadmap  and improve in areas that would make us a more competitive company.”


We are proud to have supported Trayt in developing a new partnership with a big European player and we look forward to seeing the startup fulfil its potential.

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