Top Startups at VivaTechnology 2019: The Chatbot Factory

By Anais Masetti - 15 May 2019

VivaTechnology is coming back and will see the presence of the most innovative and cutting-edge tech startups in Europe. Among these are many startups rated by Early Metrics and we have selected the ones not to miss out at the conference. To learn more, meet us at our stand M14 – Hall1.


The chatbot market is booming: according to Global Market Insights, the market was worth 250 million dollars worldwide in 2018, with the USA accounting for 57%. This growth is not looking to slow down as 44% of professionals interviewed for the report reported wanting to launch a conversational chatbot by 2020.


The adoption of chatbots is strongly powered by the impressive progress that has been made in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) in the past five years. As algorithms get better at processing our randomly formulated requests and replying in a seemingly human manner, users are also getting more comfortable with the idea of getting help from a robot. This represents a massive cost-cutting solution for customer service but also has vast potential for user engagement, particularly through messaging platforms (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack…).


One of the rising stars of this world is The Chatbot Factory. Founded in 2016 by Thomas Sabatier (CEO) and Matthieu Bietry (CTO), the French startup designs, develops and trains chatbots for businesses. Using NLP and ML, the bots created by the startup can reply to questions in a conversational way, they can learn from the conversations they have with humans and refine their answers to improve customer relationship. The Chatbot Factory also put effort into giving personality to their bots, which can increase customer trust and loyalty (I mean, who doesn’t love Siri’s jokes). Another important facet of their offering is the cross-channel integration of the chatbot in social media apps, Salesforce and other interfaces.


Rated by Early Metris in 2017, the startup is in the top 25% of 2500 plus companies in our ecosystem and has, therefore, a promising growth potential. The company was able to generate very strong traction from its first years of activity and differentiated itself from its competitors through the operational speed of its technical and commercial development. The startup also stands out from the pack thanks to the quality of the support provided to its clients, who often lack knowledge and maturity to leverage this new technology to its full potential. Lastly, the founders represent a well-balanced duo as Thomas’s commercial and strategic expertise is complemented by Matthieu’s technology background.


The startup is now looking for investors to boost its growth and we wish The Chatbot Factory team best of luck in that process!


The Chatbot Factory will be at VivaTechnology from 16 to 18 May 2019. Reach out to us at if you would like to be introduced to their team. 

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