Vastari : Exhibitions, Connected

By Elia Pradel - 28 November 2017

In previous months, we introduced you to Fintech, RetailTech and CleanTech startups. To close this year with a bang and for this last 2017 newsletter, we wanted to get in the festive mood and for the Painting lovers, introduce you to an original ArtTech startup.


Vastari, a London-based company rated in March 2017 by Early Metrics, aims to help private collectors exhibit their collection for the benefit of the larger audience.


Through an online platform, Vastari connects private collectors and exhibition producers with temporary exhibition loans.

Initially launched in 2012, Vastari tackles several challenges faced by both private collectors and art institutions. The startup allows them to maintain the overall value of art investments as well as save insurance and storage costs. Vastari also serves as a tool to attract more visitors with new pieces of art and reach new audiences to extend public awareness on less known collections.


Led by Francesca Polo and Bernadine Bröcker – who both have a strong educational background in art history and understanding of the key online market trends for art – Vastari has been able to develop relationships with a network of key stakeholders like EverLedger and art decision makers working at Christies and Sotheby’s. As a result, Vastari has so far matched 26 matches collectors with exhibition producers to expose their private collections.


To keep its unique position, the start-up needs to onboard a B2B Sales and online marketing expert who has knowledge of marketplace operation, as well as develop a more robust business model that will allow faster deployment.


Early Metrics wishes the team best success in the future!


The Early Metrics team


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