Webinar replay – ESG rating for startup investment

By Early Metrics Team - 06 January 2022

Whether you missed it or want to rediscover it, you can now watch our webinar on ESG rating for startup investment. In this 45 minute session, three experts share their best practices to integrate ESG assessment in the investment process.

About this webinar

To address this topical issue, our CEO Antoine Baschiera was joined by Louisa Mesnard, CMO at Elaia (VC) and Paolo Bavaj Head of Henkel Tech Ventures (CVC).

Each panelist offered their unique point of view on the best practices for assessing a startup’s ESG practices in the context of investment.

In this webinar, they covered:

  • What is ESG analysis and how does it differ from impact investing?
  • Why should funds use ESG ratings?
  • How do they do it and which steps do they follow in their startup collaboration approach?

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