Webinar Replay – Key takeaways from VivaTech 2022

By Anais Descleves - 05 July 2022

Early Metrics’ latest webinar on key takeaways from this year’s edition of Viva Technology is now available.

About this webinar

Early Metrics is a startup rating and research agency. We work with large companies across 18 sectors. We have rated over 4,000 startups for more than 280 clients. During our latest webinar, our associate Yasemin Gunes went over some of the key takeaways and predictions from this year’s edition of Viva Technology. Below you’ll find a quick overview of the webinar as well as the replay.

This year, we identified three key trends that had an important place in Viva Technology’s programme:

  • The metaverse,
  • Decarbonisation
  • The future of work

Our associate, Yasemin Gunes, went over some of the key technologies and developments that are shaping these three trends (web3, blockchain, electrification, micro-learning, etc). She also presented some of Early Metrics’ key predictions for each trend.

Click the link below to access the full replay of the webinar.
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