Webinar replay – Tech trends that will shape 2022

By Anais Masetti - 28 January 2022

Whether you missed it or want to rediscover it, you can now watch our webinar on the tech trends that will shape 2022. In this 30 minute session, two experts share their predictions for the European tech scene.

About this webinar

Early Metrics supports innovation leaders from some of the largest and most influential companies in Europe. We have also been in direct contact with leading tech entrepreneurs through our +4000 ratings conducted so far. As such, we have developed the tools and methods to predict which tech trends will have a significant impact on our future.

Based on the market signals observed by our team of analysts, we have identified 5 tech trends that will grow in 2022:

  1. Metaverse in retail
  2. Carbon reduction solutions
  3. Biotech for cosmetics
  4. Sustainable spacetech
  5. Biosecurity in the food industry

This discussion is led by Bertille Le Bihan, Head of Data at Early Metrics, and Pierre-Louis Martinie, MD EM Agency. In this webinar, they covered:

  • Key figures on the evolution of the market and the main drivers of these trends.
  • Spotlight on leading startups and their value propositions.
  • The presentation of trend sub-segments and the various applications in different industries.

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