Extra-financial analysis

Each startup is positioned in our database of over 3,500 rated companies. Our reports offer a complete presentation of the startup, from its value proposition to its targets,
team skills and business model. The analysis allows decision-makers to measure its growth potential.

Indicators of operational and financial risks

The combination of an operational and financial risk analysis will allow you to streamline your decision-making process. Our backtesting work is used to issue a 24-month survival rate thanks to similar paths observed in our database.

Evaluation of an investment objective

Early Metrics offers an in-depth financial analysis of investment targets, using a proprietary methodology designed for startups. We provide a 360° view of the target's assets and a multi-pronged valuation. An executive summary also helps accelerate your decision process.

Our methodology

In collaboration with our scientific committee and analysts, we have set up a rating methodology based on three main pillars: management, project and market.
First of all, our rating model is based on the crucial step of interviewing members of each startup's founding team. We analyse qualitative data points, from the entrepreneurs' skills to their ability to effectively execute their growth plan.
Our second pillar focuses on the project carried by the entrepreneurs. In addition to the business model and traditional traction, we look at market positioning, business trends, technology and execution. This provides an in-depth understanding of the startup's innovation and its deployment potential.

On the market side, we go further than simply calculating the addressable market size. We focus on measuring a young company's ability to expand its activities in its environment, assessing the power relationships between stakeholders and measuring the market's appetite for innovation.
We regularly conduct statistical tests to validate the robustness of our methodology. Moreover, we continuously validate and optimise our rating model by exploiting a large database of startups.

Rating distribution

Based on over 2,000 startups rating over 24 months

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Our products

Checkdeep checkscan investment
Extrafinancial analysis
Positioning among +3,500 rated companies
Oral presentation to the client
Financial and operational risk analysis
References calls with stakeholders
Analysis and challenge of growth hypotheses
Valuation of the company
Executive summary delivered in a shorter deadline (optional)
ESG Indicator module (optional)
Type of decision
  • – Selection for an acceleration programm
    – Engaging in a light PoC / Partnership
    – First analysis of an investment target

  • – Deployment of a collaboration or partnership
    – Further enquire on an investment target

  • – Taking a majority or minority stake – Acquire a target
    – Launch a co-development
    – Launch a strategic collaboration / partnership

We also develop ad-hoc rating models for our clients

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