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Together we define the research scope (topic, geography, maturity).
By using our database of qualified startups, conducting ratings and proactively looking for new companies, we produce a report to highlight up-and-coming trends in each given sector. We also provide you with a map of the most innovative startups in each cluster of innovation and their value propositions.


Ecosystem Mapping


The scouting adopts a narrow approach focusing on a specific thematic. We select the startups most aligned with your business needs and provide you with relevant uses cases.

Thanks to the ecosystem mapping, you can discover startups within a large space and have a better understanding of an ecosystem with a funnel approach all along the value chain.

Number of startups

Between 10 and 15

Between 50 and 60


Analysis of a specific theme through the lenses of startups

Macro-analysis of a market through main trends and innovations


Mapping of scope trends according to responses to the theme

Overview of the solutions that the corporate groups are already addressing

Detailed presentation of each startup: KPIs, value proposition and use case

Creation of a relevant structure of the ecosystem in the form of sub-clusters representing a subtrend, a market need, a technology etc.

For each sub-cluster: analysis of recurring challenges and use cases

Presentation of each startup: value proposition and business model

Considering the fast evolution of startup ecosytems, we are commited to providing updates of :
Macro analyses with the trends evolution and market indicators
Startups presented with the related extra profile cards

Our methodology

Based on our database of more than 3,500 rated startups and 30,000 classified startups, our market expertise enables us to provide high-quality information on specific topics of interest to you.


Partners & clients


Detection by Early Metrics team


Inbound requests from startups

Base of +30,000 companies

Every month, more than 800 companies joined Early Metrics database. Only the most innovative startups which best respond to the strategic challenges of our clients are retained

Base of +3500 companies

6% of startups joining our base are then rated every month

Startup selected

Thanks to this database and the analyses carried out. Early Metrics is able to highlight trends in a given ecosystem.

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