Early Metrics’ overview on the market and project analysis represent a positive contribution to help us identify strategic opportunities for cooperation/partnerships and possible acquisitions

Hubert de Boisredon

Président Directeur Général - Groupe Armor

Examples of solutions

Optimise the process of collaborating with startups

We help train our clients on how to best work with startups, in addition to providing them with the necessary tools to optimise their startup collaboration process.

Increase the team’s knowledge and expertise of the startup ecosystem

We help our clients by auditing their open innovation processes and providing them with key improvements. In addition to this, our products help them increase their knowledge of startups and technology trends on the market.

Make informed M&A and investment decisions

We help our clients make informed decisions regarding M&A and investments by providing them with an in-depth financial and extra-financial analysis of selected startups.

They trust us