We used the Early Metrics' rating service for some projects of our intrapreneurship program. It proved to be useful both for us as mentor, for the group at a decision level and for the intrapreneurs themselves. It enables them to challenge. themselves and identify the main weakness to tackle. For Bouygues Construction, it was very helpful to support a strategic decision in regards of the project's exist or integration, depending on the cases.

Morgane Jossic

Open Innovation Projet Manager

Examples of solutions

Benefit from an unbiased intrapreneurship analysis

We help our clients assess their intrapreneurship programs by providing an in-depth and independent analysis of their internal projects.

Identify the best investment opportunities

Identify market opportunities to launch internal projects

We help our clients stay up-to-date with market and tech trends that present relevant opportunities for their internal innovation teams.

Value startups before an investment

Assess and leverage internal projects

We help our clients determine the future strategy for their internal projects. Early Metrics's intrapreneurship rating model supports their decision-making processes, by providing them with in-depth analyses and recommendations on internal projects.

They trust us

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