World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2019 – Top 10 Founders rated by Early Metrics

By Anais Masetti - 21 August 2019

Happy World Entrepreneurs’ Day! For this occasion, we have put together the list of top 10 entrepreneurs with the highest management scores, according to the Early Metrics rating methodology.

These founders are leading high-growth startups which have all made it in the top 20% of over 2600 early-stage businesses assessed by Early Metrics. The quality of their management was scored base on 12 criteria including the fit between their skills and their project, their ability to self-challenge and their ability to convince external stakeholders, such as investors and mentors.

Hailing from the four corners of the globes including China, Israel and the United States of America, we are proud to show the diversity of innovators in our database. They also represent a wide variety of industries from Edtech to Industrial solutions and Healthtech as well as tech segments (AI, blockchain, 3D printing…).

Here is the full list of entrepreneurs in the 2019 World Entrepreneurs’ Day top 10:

1. Juan Urdiales from Jobandtalent (HR)

2. Vincent Fert from HalioDx (Healthtech)

3. Charlotta Holmquist from BL!XT (Energy)

4. Xiaofan Luo from Polymaker (3D printing)

5. Bruno Breton from Bloom Social Analytics (Data Analytics)

6. Sebastian Stricker from share (Food and Beverage)

7. Veera Johnson from Circulor (Supply Chain Blockchain)

8. Ben Polito from Pika Energy (Energy)

9. Marie Mérouze from Marbotic (Edtech)

10. Efrat Rapoport from Bonobo AI (Acquired by Salesforce)

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