World Humanitarian Day 2021 – Top 4 startups giving back

By Katerina Mansour - 19 August 2021

Today is World Humanitarian Day. An occasion to recognise the amazing work done by over 500k aid workers worldwide, who put their lives on the line to help others in need. But not only them…

Indeed, World Humanitarian Day is also a chance to celebrate the businesses and organisations who give back or help others give back!

Among the +3500 startups Early Metrics has rated, we want to highlight 4 top-scoring startups (over 70/100) that are providing aid or supporting charitable organisations:

1. Prizle

Prizle develops a platform for users to donate to the charities/associations of their choice when shopping at partner stores. The donations are free for the user, paid through the commission earned on each purchase.

2. Vendredi

Vendredi develops an employee engagement platform that facilitates and encourages employee participation in activities to support non-profits. Volunteering, mentorship, donations to charities and solidarity days are some examples of positive actions promoted through the platform.

3. CetteFamille

CetteFamille offers an alternative care system for elderly and handicapped individuals. Its adult foster homes offer provides individuals in need the ability to live in the house of a trained caregiver rather than going to a care facility.

4. share

Share sells food, hygiene, beverage and stationery goods. On Share, one purchase equals one donation. Indeed, by purchasing items from each category, consumers can donate: meals, care products, drinking water and school lessons. Consumers are also given a QR code to track where their aid is going.

Download our World Humanitarian Day infographic:

Well done to these 4 startups on their important work!

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